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Re: revending DOs

From: Stefan Böhringer
Subject: Re: revending DOs
Date: 17 Dec 2002 20:19:56 +0100

I want to add that in other instances in my project revending works. I
have disabled -dealloc to exclude memory management problems. If anybody
(Richard?) is interested I can provide a test case (which is rather
complex at the moment unfortunately).


On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 19:21, Stefan Böhringer wrote:
> [..] I want to revend an object (in a task say T2) which was
> acquired via +rootProxyForConnectionWithRegisteredName: (from a task say
> T1). Forwarding such an object to another task (T3) lets it look like a
> normal object. Also methods seem to go one way, since I can trigger
> NSLogs in the orignal task (T1). However the method calls do not return.
> After no apparent delay an NSPortTimeoutException is triggered. This
> seems to be a bug (cvs checkout as of today). I could work around this
> problem by pulling in all required objects via
> (+rootProxyForConnectionWithRegisteredName:, i.e. T3 regets the object
> by said method rather than being given an object ref).

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