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Re: ANNOUNCE: GNUstep Renaissance is out!

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: GNUstep Renaissance is out!
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 12:05:15 +0100
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Nicola Pero wrote:
There's a lot more difference between .gorm and .gsmarkup (as I imagine
it) than an "output format". "Borrowing" code is a good idea, but I
think trying to squeeze both models into one app would cause nothing but

From looking at gsmarkup, it seems as though most of the same concepIB is 
pretty much like Eclipse, only less complex ;-) - a framework for managing 
ts apply.
If all it was about was just a new XML .nib format, it would have been a
pretty useless project, and I would not have started it in the first

I think I should shortly explain what I mean if I talk about IB/nib integration ;-)

I completly agree with Nicola that the concepts of a traditional .nib file and of R. are very different and that IB's default editing tools are not setup to support things like layout containers. But that IMHO doesn't imply that the two cannot be used together (in a useful way) ! Autolayouted interfaces (IMHO) usually look good in 95% of the cases, but for the remaining 5% IB is an very good tool for construction of fixed UIs. Eg a carefully designed InfoPanel like:
probably won't gain anything from R..

IB as an application (I'm not talking about the .nib) provides a very good framework for R. UI construction given that it's extremly extensible. We can easily add inspectors for the layout of the R. components and we can reuse IB connector mechanisms for associations. I imagine something like a root .nib which defines menu and the root container and embedded R. components for the rest of the UI.

So, IMHO it doesn't make sense to join the two file formats ".nib" and ".gsxml?", but IB/Gorm as an application framework should be able to handle both environments given it's PnP architecture.

But we'll see ;-) Need to compile R. first ...

Thanks Nicola for this excellent christmas present !!! :-)


PS: there are also existing GUI tools for autolayout based interfaces, like XULmaker or Glade. Could be useful too ...

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