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GNUstep Build Guide and other documents

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: GNUstep Build Guide and other documents
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 13:14:34 +0100

Hi all,

The second beta of the new Build Guide is available at:

I have decided to slowly create a GNUstep Bookshelf and this is part 1.
It has got a subtitle called "A basic system".

I'd like to create a second book which will have the subtitle "A desktop
system" and a third one called "A developer system", of which an initial
version is present:

Mind the change in location of the documents!

With this all layed out, it gives me the change to build a complete
documentation system for GNUstep. As you might have guessed, as time
permits, the GNUstep system overview document will be converted to
DocBook too.

Now the following pops up for additional documentation:
- GNUstep System Administrators Guide
        This one explains the functions of the preferences, set by
        Preferences.app and with the use of 'defaults'

- GNUstep Users Guide
        This one explains the use of GWorkspace, and the other apps
        described in the to be written doc "A desktop system"

- GNUstep Developers Guide
        This one explains the use of the Apps from the "A developer system"

- GNUstep Builde Guide (a database and webserver)
        Explains the build of GDL2 and WebObjects together with apache

With this we should be able to have an as much complete documentset as
our great example has.

You all have seen the speed at which documentation is created, so it
would take years to finish this. Are there people out there that would
like to volunteer to write pieces of the above documentation?
No knowledge of DocBook is needed, I am just a beginner myself, but we
could first try to set the standards of which I have a couple ideas
myself. That way the books can be written in pieces and glued together
to create a nice piece of documentation.

Ideas, input, etc are welcome.


Dennis Leeuw

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