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SimplyGNUstep (Prometheus)

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: SimplyGNUstep (Prometheus)
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 14:44:10 -1000
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Just so you know the distro is churning along.  I’ve changed the name to Prometheus, but rest assured that the GNUstep logo will always be nearby and close to the heart.  :-)
It’s in CVS and I work on it daily, I’m not going to let it die, this is something that will happen for real eventually.


Since I’m interested in GNUstep being used by the average user, I have some concerns about the current WindowManager/Dock situation.

As of right now, WindowMaker is way too complicated for the average user.  InterfaceWM looks nice and I’m wondering this:

If (an improved) InterfaceWM and a separate program which implements a “Dock” are used, how difficult would it be to integrate them?  It seems that implementing D&D from GWorkspace to the Dock would be ready to go.

However, how would it be implemented to make a “Miniaturized Window Tile” from an X11 window manager (like interfacewm) be D&Dable to the Dock (a separate process)?  Are there standard DO patterns already in place to support this or would this be an X11 hack?

My wife bought me photoshop for xmas and I’ve been going nuts with it.  I’d like to volunteer to rework all the standard icons (such as in Gworkspace) to make them bigger (128x128) and more colorful.  How hard would it be to make the gnustep-gui default icon 128x128?

Thanks for your time and your hard work.


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