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Re: RE : SimplyGNUstep (Prometheus)

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: Re: RE : SimplyGNUstep (Prometheus)
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 23:03:18 -1000
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"Peron, Stéphane" wrote:

> Hi Chad !
>> My wife bought me photoshop for xmas and I've been going nuts with it.  I'd
>> like to volunteer to rework all the standard icons (such as in Gworkspace) to
>> make them bigger (128x128) and more colorful.  How hard would it be to make
>> the gnustep-gui default icon 128x128?
> What is the size of you monitor ?? Mine is only a 15 inches in 1024*768 and
> I am afraid that 128x128 icons would to be too large to be really
> cumfortable.

They could be scaled, of course.  Making them as large as possible gives
them a longer life.  If I rework all the icons at 48x48, then in a couple
years (less?) they will not be considered "state-of-the-art".  Of course, I
could make all the icons very, very large, let's say 512x512, and then write
a script to scale them to 48x48 when released.  Or better yet draw them as

> Anyway, Gnustep lacks good graphists and I think you are welcome to work on
> Gworkspace icons but on other gnustep applications icons too ... ;-)

I'll do a couple for GWorkspace and see what everyone thinks.

>> Thanks for your time and your hard work.
> Thanks for yours !
> Stéphane 

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