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Re: SimplyGNUstep (Prometheus)

From: nro
Subject: Re: SimplyGNUstep (Prometheus)
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 17:44:32 GMT


> Since I¹m interested in GNUstep being used by the average user, I have some
> concerns about the current WindowManager/Dock situation.
> As of right now, WindowMaker is way too complicated for the average user.

Why ? WindowMaker is very simple to configure (with its own GUI tool for 
that), and the way it handles windows is the NeXT way..

> InterfaceWM looks nice and I¹m wondering this:

IWM isn't ready for daily use...

> If (an improved) InterfaceWM and a separate program which implements a
> ³Dock² are used, how difficult would it be to integrate them?  It seems
tha> t
> implementing D&D from GWorkspace to the Dock would be ready to go.

It will be quite simple to do that (thanks to GNUstep :)... in fact, I wrote a 
small Dock-like app months ago. I am now working a bit on a Panel app 
(http://www.roard.com/screenshots/screenshot_panel5.png) ..
The problem isn't to accept DND from GW, but to have a window manager 
sending/accepting notifications in order to handle things like iconification, 
virtual desktops, etc. 
IMHO it will be faster to add thoses features to window maker rather than 
waiting for a workable IWM ... I will be happy with a finished IWM, but 
currently, WindowMaker is well-known (more than the GNUstep project ?), very 
stable, and it's the "official" X11 WM for GNUstep; adding the few missing 
features would be faster.

> However, how would it be implemented to make a ³Miniaturized Window Tile²
> from an X11 window manager (like interfacewm) be D&Dable to the Dock (a
> separate process)?  Are there standard DO patterns already in place to
> support this or would this be an X11 hack?

The problem is that "miniaturized window tiles" are X11 Windows... they 
couldn't be dragged. It's possible with WindowMaker, because it handles 
windows, and because the Dock is built inside WindowMaker (but it doesn't use 
XDND protocol for doing that, of course..). That's why it will be better if 
the window manager just send notifications ("application 
created", "application killed", etc.), and another application (a dock-like, a 
panel, GW, whatever you want) just handles it, so appicons could be for 
example icons deposed in the background (like the background of GW), subviews 
of a view (the background) and thus could be DND sources.

> Also,
> My wife bought me photoshop for xmas and I¹ve been going nuts with it.  I¹d
> like to volunteer to rework all the standard icons (such as in Gworkspace)
> to make them bigger (128x128) and more colorful.  How hard would it be to
> make the gnustep-gui default icon 128x128?

I'd like to have icons with *multiple* sizes; say for example from 16x16 to 
128x128 ... so for example, in the new BrowserView of GWorkspace, icons won't 
be resized on fly but simply picked (and thus with a better quality).


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