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Re: Renaissance menus on OS X ?

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Renaissance menus on OS X ?
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 16:09:26 +0000

> Looks like the problem is that you have got two menus with type="apple" in
> your file.

Ah, thats due to me misunderstanding what that was for - I thought it
was necessary for all menus on the Apple systems.

> You can/should have a single menu of type="apple", which is set to be the
> one, compulsory, with its title the name of the application, displayed in
> bold.
> So, try removing type="apple" from the second menu.

Actually what I did was to take it off both of them, and to load the
markup file from the delegate. This gives me the standard menu with the name
of the application on it, plus my two custom menus. I'm quite happy with that.


> Apple Cocoa doesn't really work well if you try moving/editing menus
> around, and changing main/apple/xxx menus after your start the app.

...so what I am doing is likely to cause problems then. The only reason
I moved it was because that gave me all the standard items on that menu,
whereas loading it beforehand didnt.

> But I suppose I should explain better, somewhere in the documentation,
> that you need to have a single type="apple" menu -- this detail is quite
> obscure at the moment. :-)

Indeed! I know its a bit late, but could you change the name from 'apple'
possibly ? I know that I spent a good half an hour getting very confused
as I thought that it was trying to add items to the little coloured Apple
menu for the application :-) Which is half right in that it *is* trying to
add items onto a pre-existing standard menu, just not the menu that looks
like an apple (which is what the name, to me, implies).

Having played with it for a couple of hours now I've only scratched the
surface, but it looks excellent. Just what I've been looking for ever
since I first started working with NextStep in fact (a way of dumping
those horrible InterfaceBuilder and ProjectBuilder apps). Basically I've
decided to move everything over to using Renaissance now.

Anyway, I think I shold be spending less time playing with GNustep and more
time getting read to go out given the date :-) Happy new year...!


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