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Re: Renaissance menus on OS X ?

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Renaissance menus on OS X ?
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 12:17:39 +0000

> Yes.  Good idea!
> I've been thinking about adding a 'template' application.
> I really think I should.

Thatn would be great. If I come upwith a decent set of .gsmarkup files
for the two platforms then I'll mail them to you.

> <image name="GNUstep" />

Works great!

> <button enabled="no" title="click me!" action="terminate:" />

Also works great!

> <popUpButtonItem tag="2" action="doSomething:" target="#NSOwner" 
> title="Second Option" />

Again, works great... :-)

Thanks for those three - I wish Apple were this responsive!

> I really need to document this.  You need to set the 'halign' flag of the
> views in the vbox to 'wexpand' (I guess -- maybe, possibly, 'expand' is
> right instead -- the difference is minimal).

The wexpand works fine for me _ I did take a rummage through the source
code to find options, but missed this :-) Would I be right in thinking
that a proportionate box simply sets the wexpand flag automaticly on its
contained views in an appropriate direction ?

> The simplest thing would be to have a <customView class="MyView" /> tag,
> which adds a custom view.

true - but I also like the idea of letting *anything* be a customer subclass.
You probably want to check that the class is actually a subclass of what you
expect though. So the tag wuld become:

<view subclass="MyView">

> In practice, what I want to do is implement the attribute class="xxx" in
> the <view> and <window> tags to check that the class xxx exists and is a
> subclass of the class represented by the tag, and if so, allocate an
> object of that class instead of an object of the tag class.

...and great minds think alike it seems :-) [maybe I should read the entire
email before starting my point-by-point reply in future]

> Would that be enough for you ?  It means you could replace any object with
> an object of a subclass.

That would do fine. Most of what I do is custom views so for me its vital
thoguh, and  this seems like much the simplest and versatile method. In
this particular casemy custom view is a map which fits within a
scrollview, and extracts the necessary fragments from the map file
as the regions are exposed. Thats the sort of thing I do all the time.

> Thanks - it's excellent to have such feedback, as that helps directly in
> making a better product! :-)

Its a great thing, one of the best additions to GNustep I've ever
seen. You might want to try targetting it at the OSX developer community
as well if possible.

I found what I think is a bug by the way... put some text in as a <lable>
and double click on iit. You get :

Uncaught exception NSRangeException, reason: RangeError in method 
-attribute:atIndex:longestEffectiveRange:inRange: in class NSAttributedString

Which is interesting!

My only other comment would be that removing the LaTeX bit from the build
either including the geometry style or commenting it out). Its a bit
of a surprise stumbling block for people who dont have TeX installed and have
never heard of it - especially as if they then go and install it ten it still
wont compile without hand editing of the files (and only one contains
the comment that geometry can be safely commented out)



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