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Re: Renaissance menus on OS X ?

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: Renaissance menus on OS X ?
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 14:59:04 +0100
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Nicola Pero wrote:
Currently gsmarkup files are exact descriptions of the resulting tree, but they could be templates which *create* the exact descriptions.
Oh yes - you know I *love* this kind of stuff :-)

Me too, but the major difficulty is to transport the Web/HTML templating idea to an AppKit framework in a useful way. But we'll manage that ! ;-)

<var:foreach list="MyBundleManager.allPrefBundles" item="item">
  <button var:label="item.bundlePath.stringByDeletingLastPathComponent"/>
Just to make sure - I suppose you are using 'xxx.yyy' to mean 'the result
of [xxx valueForKey: @"yyy"]' ?  (or better, 'xxx.any.thing' to mean the
result of '[xxx valueForKeyPath: @"any.thing"]').

In this case, yes. What is bound is actually dependend on the concrete "WOAssociation" subclass. At Skyrix we have an XML implementation of .wo files (called .wox ;-). It maps the XML namespace to a concrete assocation class, so you can do:

  <button var:label="item.name"/> => WOKeyPathAssociation
  <button js:label="1+3"/>        => WOJavaScriptAssocation
  <button const:label="Blah!"/>   => WOValueAssociation

Very flexible.

BTW: The difficult thing with associations is change tracking. I'll explain that to you at the FOSDEM, too difficult to write the problem down ;-)


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