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Re: KHTML in GNUStep?

From: Chris B. Vetter
Subject: Re: KHTML in GNUStep?
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 10:38:50 -0800

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 19:24:33 +0100
Philip Mötteli <address@hidden> wrote:
> Well, the initial question on this thread was about porting KHTML to 
> ObjC. Do you really think, that the OmniKit would take more time, than
> rewriting the whole KHTML in ObjC? If Gnustep is really that much 

Yes, I think so. Take a look at Omni's Sourcecode page. In order to
have OmniHTML compile, you need to at least port OmniBase, -Foundation,
-Networking (probably OWF as well, not sure) and finally OmniHTML.
They are not 'hugh' but pretty 'big' so you'll need some time to work on

> different, I would be so shocked, that I would have to change all my 
> plans about porting my MOSX code to Gnustep. It would also mean, that
> I wold have misunderstood the aim of Gnustep. I thoroughly hope not.

I'm not saying that it's impossible, but it will take time. Omni's focus
is obviously on OSX and no one can blame them on that. But, from a
GNUstep's point of view, it will make it hard(er) to port their
framework over as there are many OSX'isms used that simply do not exist
on GNUstep. You'll either have to find a way around or reprocude them.

> And afterwards, regarding the time you have invested, with which 
> alternative you have more? And we haven't even been talking about 
> maturity of design. Because, taking over a design, made with the 
> restrictions of C++ in mind, is not a good thing at all. And at the 
> same time, the OmniFrameworks have already undergone several
> redesigns. But anyway, apparently the problem is not that, but the
> license. The OmniGroup license seems to be too restrictive for
> Gnustep. I can't comment on that.

That's one point. Omni only allows the distribution of patches. However,
they have hinted that, if we are to provide patches, they may be
interested in officially integrating those in their framework.

Another point is that Omni is continuously working on it, so even if you
start today, you may quickly be outdated...

And lastly, Omni switched from .tgz to .dmg a while ago. A choice I
personally find not very uhm let's say appealing.
Not everyone interested in their framework does have an Apple sitting
under their desk...


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