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Re: GNUStep depends on?

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: GNUStep depends on?
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:41:34 +0100

Nicolas Souchu wrote:
> Does GNUStep depend on X?


> Or could one run it on a toolkit like
> SDL, GGI or so?

This depends on what you mean by GNUstep. Eg. -base doesn't have
anything to do with graphics, but I guess you mean -gui and -back. :)

-gui doesn't depend on X, it will run on anything that you write a
backend (an implementation of the DPS-ish interface used for rendering
and event and window handling) for (however, all current stable backends
are for X). There is a (somewhat complete?) win32 backend, and there has
been some experimental work on other targets.

If you can provide a framebuffer to render to, back-art can provide the
rendering part of the backend. You still need to provide a event/window
part, but that is something I've been working (slowly) on for some time.
So far there are just pretty screenshots
(http://w1.423.telia.com/~u42308495/alex/backart/rds_sdl1.png :), but if
you're interested in making it usable, I could collect what I've got so
far and make it available.

- Alexander Malmberg

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