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Re: Instant Messenger Application ?

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Re: Instant Messenger Application ?
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 17:07:13 -0500

 For the basic function of NSToolbar,
 there should be a 1-to-1 equavalent NSMenu.
 So it is not a big problem.
 Tobias already made the NSDrawer for GNUstep (not released yet).
 Otherwise, a panel should do the same.

 To me, it would be great that Fire can run both on Cocoa and GNUstep,
 but it may take a lot of work.
 I'm not familiar with cross-platform and network programming.
 Still evaluate the possibility.
 The best way to do that besides writting from scratch
 is to fork Fire, make it work, and merge again.
 I feel the user interface is easy part.
 The network part is hard.
 Fire uses a lot of modified C libraries taken from other projects.
 There libraries may not be portable.
 Rewritting these C libraries to Cocoa/GNUstep is not a trival work
 This part could be done by the Fire project itself if they want.
 Otherwise, we have to deal with both user interface and these C libraries
 at the same time, which is not easy....

 Just a thought...



Any work that is done in terms of getting rid of Carbon and ObjC++ code
should probably be sent back to the Fire project maintainers. I would
think they would like the fact that it would be more portable, and might
very well accept our patches to make it so.

The other problem is of course the usage of NSToolbar and NSDrawer. What
is your opinion here?


  I just check the source code of fire.
  To me, the user interface is not a big problem.
  It will be redesigned anyway.
  It's hard to maintain the GNUstep and Cocoa in the same source code as
GNUMail in this case.
  What I'm more interested are how it handles the IM protocol.
  The problem will be the minor Carbon and Objective-C++ code inside. An
alternative will be the netclasses,
  which is already used in TalkSoup.
  I just wonder how well it can handle UDP besides TCP ?
  Maybe write a new one based on netclasses/TalkSoup will be easlier.


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