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Anyone going to MacHack 18?

From: Michael Brian Bentley
Subject: Anyone going to MacHack 18?
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 00:18:57 -0500

We could use someone to talk about the current state of GNUstep and/or do a programmatic introduction to GNUstep.

MacHack is held every year in June in Dearborn MI, USA. It is a smaller conference than WWDC, it costs about a third to attend, depending upon where you're coming from, and the folks who give the sessions are the attendees. I think the interest in GNUstep sessions would be very high. If you're interested in talking about GNUstep or some code written for GNUstep, even if it doesn't currently run under Mac OS X, please let the sessions committee know; I'm on the committee, and there is a sessions form on the MacHack web site (www.machack.com).

If you're coming into the US to attend WWDC, MacHack conveniently ends one day before the start of WWDC, so you can attend both during the same trip.


-Mike Bentley
Sessions Committee
MacHack 18

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