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Re: Win32 Installer was: Re: Win32 build guide location?

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: Win32 Installer was: Re: Win32 build guide location?
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 20:15:10 +0200

I know its SO lame to reply to my own message but I got an idea:

On 09.04.2003 16:16:20 "Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf" wrote:
>On 09.04.2003 15:46:31 Tom Koelman wrote:
>>"Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf" <address@hidden>
>>> On 09.04.2003 08:21:05 Tom Koelman wrote:
>>>>Willem Rein Oudshoorn <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>> There should be somewhere a windows installer
>>>>It can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.gnustep.org/pub/gnustep/windows/
>>>>and is called Install-GNUstep-Development-Environment-0.4.1.exe. It
>>>>contains make and base from the 1.6.0 freeze branch and libobjc from
>>>>the main branch, taken from CVS at the 24th of Februari 2003.
>>> Great stuff, worked like a charm here on a W2k box at work even 
>>> admin rights. This is the kind of stuff we need to get the average 
>>> Public Windows Developer to try GNUstep: Easy troublefree 
>>> This makes the first step to GNUstep a lot simpler.
>>Thanks, and I agree.
>>> But I wonder why this is so hidden. It should have a prominent place 
>>> the downloads page, especially since building GNUstep on Windows is 
>>> such an easy task as you can tell from the subsequent requests for a
>>> build guide (I never tried to build it on my own for Win32 because the
>>> build process and requirements appeared to complicated for me).
>>I still consider it experimental beacuse it has some known
>>issues. Take a look at the original announcement at
>>http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.gnustep.devel/1738 to see
>O.k. then let's mark it as a prerelease. But it SHOULD be visible from 
>>Known problems:
>>- Sometimes sh.exe crashes while building. This is a known problem in
>>  MSYS that might go away by using a newer version of MSYS
>This should be fixed.
>>- No user visible error when building fails for some reason. You have to
>>  inspect the log files to see whether stuff went okay
>This should be fixed.
>>- No gui+back yet
>If this is clearly stated on the website and in a ReadMe.txt this should
>be o.k. for now. Since the Win32 GUI + BACK are in alpha state now they
>would not be very usable anyway. But by releasing the installer we could
>possibly reach some developers that are willing and able to put some
>amount of work into Win32 GUI + BACK.

How about offering the user a choice during the installation process like 

What to install?

[ ] GNUstep make (installs GNUstep make only)
[ ] GNUstep base (installs GNUstep make, the ObjC runtime and GNUstep 
[ ] GNUstep full CAUTION: Is currently in alpha state! (installs GNUstep 
make, the ObjC runtime, GNUstep base, GNUstep back and GNUstep gui)

So every user can adapt the installation to it's own needs and avoid the 
unstable parts.

>>- No automatic starting of gdomap and friends yet
>This should be fixed.
>greetings, Lars
>>Discuss-gnustep mailing list
>Discuss-gnustep mailing list

greetings, Lars

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