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Re: NSScroller, NSSliderCell, NSProgressIndicator patch -> Re: Re: NSScr

From: Daniel Luederwald
Subject: Re: NSScroller, NSSliderCell, NSProgressIndicator patch -> Re: Re: NSScroller, NSSliderCell, NSProgressIndicator patch -> Re: Re: NSScroller, NSSliderCell, NSProgressIndicator patch -> Re:
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 01:22:24 +0200

On 2003-04-21 00:23:36 +0200 Michael Hanni <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Daniel,

First off: cool stuff. Keep it up!

--- Daniel Luederwald <address@hidden> wrote:

Ok, the percent-marks are tres cool! The stippled background in the progress
indicator, on the other hand, is a little weird for me. The one screenshot that
I saw of this on OS had everything as you do except instead of stipple the
background is just [NSColor grayColor];.

Yes, you are right, I did this from memory, but now I have NeXTStep installed 
on my other machine. The background is solid.

For scrollbars the stippling is somehow not correct. I get some patches where
the control color comes through in small boxes and the horizontal bar is almost
completely solid control color with a small line of stipple along the top.
However this works fine for sliders... (this is with the first patch and the

Here it looks exactly as under NeXTStep (I modified the colors in extern.m to 
be more NeXTStepish).

Speaking of which, I kinda like the sliders with a solid background as it
further reinforces the difference between the slider and a scroller. Something
to think about.

I just looked under NeXTStep, there are two Versions of the Slider (at least in 
one dialog in wetpain), one with stippled background, and one with solid.

One known bug is that the progressbar in NSProgressIndicator (if beveled) is
sometimes a bit (pixel on my machine) off to the left or to the right,
depends on the size and current value.

Sounds like you happen to have a really long float, sometimes that causes
things to look a little out of place. I'm running into something like this with
my tab view work.

Yeah, I think this is a truncation problem. maybe it can be fixed, but i do not 
think that this is worth the effort.
Anyhow, like I said before, cool stuff!




I have put two screenshots online, one showing a NeXTStep Session (the colors 
on the screenshot are to dark, they are quite like the ones on the GNUstep 
screen), one showing my GNUstep Session. (with my patch)

http://www.houseofchaos.de/GNUstep/NeXTStep.tiff (2.4 Mb)
http://www.houseofchaos.de/GNUstep/GNUstep.tiff (3.8Mb)

Oh, and the modified patch (changed NSProgressIndicator to solid background, 
some optimizations)

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