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Re: Question about gorm and Multi language support in Gnustep

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Question about gorm and Multi language support in Gnustep
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 15:08:39 +0100 (BST)

> > > But, no, there really is no need to create one .gorm per language.
> > >[...]
> > >     [applyButton setTitle: Localize(@"Apply", nil)];
> > >     [closeButton setTitle: Localize(@"OK", nil)];
> Add:   
>         [applyButton sizeToFit:self];
>         [closeButton sizeToFit:self];
> (and perhaps sending sizeToFit: to all super views and window...)

Yes - that would be possibly better ... but still not completely
satisfying unless the super views are custom views which act as containers
and implement sizeToFit to arrange the views they contain so that they
don't overlap etc.

Otherwise, when you resize the applyButton, it might get so big as to
overlap over the closeButton - it depends on the window of course, but as
a general rule, you need some sort of container superview aware of the
issue and keeping buttons (in this example, other views in other examples)  
aligned/in position/in row/column/etc.

Writing such superviews I'm sure is well in *your* capabilities :-) but
might be a bit too clumsy/difficult for someone less experienced and/or
wanting to write simple code quickly.

Renaissance does indeed provide container classes which are automatically
setup and configured ... then calling [xxx sizeToFitContent], as you
describe, on all views, would do the trick.  But if you're using
Renaissance, that's done for you automatically as well if needed :-)

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