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Re: problems building - faiiling due to autogsdoc

From: Peter Cooper
Subject: Re: problems building - faiiling due to autogsdoc
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 16:06:31 +0200
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Jeff Teunissen wrote:

> Fred Kiefer wrote:
> > Adam Fedor wrote:
> > > I just added automatic building of the Documentation, so I guess I
> > > should have expected problems...
> > 
> > [snipped]
> >
> > So after a short period, which we may use to find all the different
> > problems hidden in the documenation build that was never used by
> > anybody, I would like to have it removed from the automatic build again.
> If you do that, then the build will fall into disrepair again.

My preference is to do what GNUstep seems to do in similar external
optional dependency cases - use configure to detect (although the makefiles
might be able to do this at runtime instead) and if the required components
are not in place, don't build the documentation.

Everyone testing who has TeX installed, for example, would automatically
test the build environment, those who don't, won't. 

(who has a fear of creeping dependencies and is now downloading about 11Mb
of tetex sources down a noisy modem line, sigh)

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