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Re: Wrapper for GPGME

From: Stéphane Corthésy
Subject: Re: Wrapper for GPGME
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 18:07:26 +0200


Last public release of GPGME.framework is for gpgme 0.3.14, but there is a branch GPGME_0_4 (?) in which the framework, has many more features and is linked against gpgme 0.4.2. Someone (sorry, I don't remember who) ported GPGME 0.3.14 to GNUstep, and his work (the GNUmakefile and some compatibility #includes) has been merged in GPGME; I'm not sure I updated it in the dev branch.

Using GPGME on GNUstep should be straighforward; I think I made no dependency on anything but Foundation. Problem with gpgme is that it's not yet complete: for example, you cannot sign keys (only data), nor can't you edit keys! In these cases you need to launch gpg and parse its output :-(

MacGPG suite is made out of an OSX installer for gpg, 2 frameworks (GPGME and GPGAppKit), and some applications to sign/encrypt data, and manage keys. All applications could be maintained for both OSX and GNUstep if you accept working with MacGPG people; everything is under GPL. Of course, you would have to replace nibs by Gorm files, as well as maintain your makefiles, but that's doable.

About GPGME API: GPGME API is unstable, because gpgme API is unstable. gpgme >= 0.4.1 has had a lot of changes compared to previous versions, but they think there API will be much stable since now on.

For more information, you can talk with MacGPG people on address@hidden


On Wednesday, Aug 27, 2003, at 15:28 Europe/Zurich, Christopher Culver wrote:

On 2003-08-27 16:15:18 +0300 Nicolas Roard <address@hidden> wrote:
Cool ! a key manager is a really good idea :-) -- just what I missed to go
with GNUMail... ;-)
a GPGME lib could also be used by the GNUMail PGP bundle ..

Well, I've already got it where it can list keys. Listing subkeys and signatures will come tonight, deleting and signing keys in the next couple of days, and generating new keys and signing/encrypting content in the next couple of weeks. I hope interested people will contribute, things will move faster if I'm not alone. Those who were scared off by the code in my Charmap project will be happy to know I'm using Gorm for KeyRing.

I hope to keep the custom class small enough to where Ludo can just copy it over to GNUMail. GPGME is a really nice library, and so far it doesn't seem like it'll take anything big and convoluted to interface with it.

The only thing I'm worried about is API changes. The GPGME developer says the API is in no way stable.

Christopher Culver

Christopher Culver - address@hidden
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