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Re: Renaissance

From: Calvin Mitchell
Subject: Re: Renaissance
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 16:47:49 -0800 (PST)

To The Illustrious Mr. Baehr:

I understand and appreciate your concern...
but what are we talking about here???


How more cross-platform can you get?

Let Renaissance volunteers create their editor....
Hand the code over to the Gorm volunteers so they can
quickly add the capability to produce Renaissance/XML
output ...


NeXT (pun intended) thing you know, Apple developers
are going to want Renaissance output for
Cocoa/Interface Builder--because it's EASIER and MORE

Then the Gnome/KDE folks are going to want Renaissance
integrated with their tools (Glade, etc.).

I mean, let's face it: every hour someone's coming up
with a new application of the XML technology BECAUSE

<at this point XML pundit takes applause and runs
offstage before tomatoes are thrown>
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> Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 09:50:10 -0800
> From: Michael Baehr <address@hidden>
> Subject: Re: Renaissance
> To: Calvin Mitchell <address@hidden>
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> Frankly, I think this would be a terrible idea.  Let
> me explain why:
> One of the primary purposes of Renaissance is to
> allow easy 
> cross-platform development on both OS X and GNUstep.
>   Making the 
> primary interface builder be a GNUstep one (Gorm)
> woud thus force 
> anyone developing for Renaissance on OS X to either:
> 1. Go through the laborious process of installing
> GNUstep (if that's 
> even possible) or do it on another PC with
> GNUstep/Gorm
> 2. Hand-code the interface in GSMarkup
> Thus leaving them at a remarkable disadvantage,
> similar to how GNUstep 
> developers would be disadvantaged if only Interface
> Builder were to 
> output GSMarkup files  The interface editor for
> Renaissance should be 
> as cross-platform as Renaissance itself and should,
> imho, be written in 
> Renaissance.

Calvin L. Mitchell
The Citadel
Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Odigo, IDs: Quasaur, StaahrHamre, calvin674

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