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Re: static and shared libraries, stand-alone GNUstep applications

From: M. Grabert
Subject: Re: static and shared libraries, stand-alone GNUstep applications
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 22:09:15 +0000 (GMT)

On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, Adam Fedor wrote:

> On Friday, February 27, 2004, at 12:49 PM, M. Grabert wrote:

> > - IE. does a static GNUstep app use default values if it doesn't find
> > the
> >   Ressources in the /usr/local/GNUstep directory? Or are there some
> > files
> >   that *NEED* to be there?
> >
> I don't know - it might be possible but I've never tried it. There are
> things like character sets,  time zones, and languages that GNUstep
> loads in and may or may not continue on gracefully if they aren't found.
> > - AFAIK it is not possible to create a statically linked libback_,
> >   since it uses (shared) bundles (ie. x11 or art).
> >   Are there any plans to support a statically compiled backend?
> >
> When configuring gnustep-make, use:
> ./configure --disable-backend-bundle

I see, thanks!

> Although now-days, there are other bundles that the gui uses and may
> not be able to live without.  It's something you'll probably just have
> to experiment with.

Since my programme is FoundationKit-only this is not a big issue for me

BTW, for those who want to install static AND shared version of GNUstep
on the same machine, here's how I did it:

1. do a "make distclean" for each of "make", "base", "gui" and "back",
   and after that a "./configure" for each of them.

2. you should compile each component with "make static=yes shared=no"
   (for a static version) and do a "make install" aswell.

   Note that for 'gui' component some file in 'Tools/' cannot be built.
   Try "make -k". And there might be problems in compiling the 'back' component

3. follow the steps in 1. A simple "make clean" is NOT sufficient.
   It must be "make distclean".

4. compile & install GNUstep as usual (to build the shared version).

5. You'll see a 'libgnustep-base_s.a' and a 'libgnustep-gui_s.a' in your

I was able to compile a static GNUstep binary, but haven't tested it (yet)
on any other platform.


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