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Re: [GSWHackers] Re: OGo/GNUstep cooperation Re: Re[2]: Frameworks integ

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: [GSWHackers] Re: OGo/GNUstep cooperation Re: Re[2]: Frameworks integration
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 12:14:26 +0000

> We have the issue of copyright assignment. There will be no FSF 
> copyright assignment of SOPE code. If this is a must for gnustep-web 
> people, we are already stuck. Hopefully its not. And after all 
> copyright assignments are *not possible* in Germany, and I guess the 
> same is true in France (and the whole EU).

I am not sure the FSF care about this. I have signed those copyright
forms, and they are well aware that I am in the EU. But they didnt say
anything and it seems that as long as someone signs the forms they dont
seem to mind if what they have signed is not legally binding in their
country of residence.


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