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Re[2]: [GSWHackers] Re: OGo/GNUstep cooperation Re: Re[2]: Frameworks in

From: Manuel Guesdon
Subject: Re[2]: [GSWHackers] Re: OGo/GNUstep cooperation Re: Re[2]: Frameworks integration
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 17:25:11 +0100 (CET)


On Tue, 2 Mar 2004 23:40:17 +0100 Helge Hess <address@hidden> wrote:
 >| Anyway, lets stop that now. Its quite clear that gnustep-web core 
 >| developers are not interested in cooperation. 

Once again, that's not true, at least for me.

 >| Why not just explicitely state that you are keeping to your codebase 
 >| whatever?

That's not true, at least for me.

I'd only like we (all people which want to) discuss about how to cooperate, 
where to put things, dependencies, licencies
problem (if any), maintainers questions, etc... There's a 2 threads about part 
of this: "CVS hosting issues 
(was: Re: Frameworks integration)" and "Frameworks integration".

Another point, as we've started to talk about changes in some part GNUstep 
project (not only WO part but also xml
part,...), AFAIK, Richard is in hollidays for few days and as he is one of the 
main maintainers of GNUstep project, I
think we can wait few days, until he's back, to have its opinion about all 
this. Your proposition is only 6 days old and I
don't think all GNUstep contributors have given their opinion. 
Iknow you've developped a lot of things which are interesting but I think we 
can save time if we think a little about
all this before doing things. Few days is nothing on a a ten years old project, 

About "keeping to your codebase  whatever?": personnaly, one think I don't want 
is to invest time 
studying SOPE or starting a merge and after that, more or less quickly, find 
that there's a big problem 
(organisation, license,  project orientation, maintainer choices or god knows 
what). You may say it is LGPL projects 
so one can fork if he doesn't agree on something but, _in this kind of 
situation_, I think I'd prefer to keep on 
working like before, just to avoid spending time and because I know better 
gsxml, gsweb stuff than Slyrix stuff. 
I don't say this will append and I hope not, of course; I don't say there will 
be problems; I don't say there will be a
fork;I don't say I won't work to study SOPE or merge. I'm only carefull. 
There's nothing personnal against you, Helge, in 
this: I also had questions, even if, for  example, Adam or Richard (*) have 
suggested such changes.

Just me .02 cents. It's free projects and everyone is free here.


(*) I often mention only Richard and/or Adam to avoid forgetting people in a 
partial list and offend someone :-)

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