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Re: Longhorn Killer

From: Rogelio Serrano
Subject: Re: Longhorn Killer
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 16:57:32 -0800 (PST)


... which of course can also be used on a Notes database. If you don't 
like SQL syntax, use DASL syntax or whatever, but the basic idea is to 
select a set of object properties and to filter and sort on them as 
well as being able to query on arbitary subtrees of a hierarchy.
Which is pretty cool for managing certain kinds of data.

Indeed OGo includes something like that (project document database), it 
uses a combination of NSFileManager and EODataSource as the Objective-C 
API, so this would be possible for GNUstep. But of course using a 
database has quite some overhead in case you want to do just regular 
filesystem stuff.
Eg the gain of being able to sort the whole harddisk on filetype "gif" 
in milliseconds certainly isn't worth the loss of performance due to 
the increased management overhead on any regular operation.


I think too much buzzwords hide what i really wanted to say. Sorry about that. 
I was almost hysterical after reading Robert Love's comment about Longhorn in 
Kerneltrap. That started it all.

One of my basic problems is sorting and searching my emails. I have 10k plus in 
my mail folders already. Searching seems so slow and its difficult to search 
based on content. I think it goes for all my other files too. I tried writing 
all emails to individual files and using sym links but that was worse. It 
thrashed my hard disk like crazy.

I realize now that its really inefficient to use a database as a filesystem. 
Specially mysql or any other client server rdbms.

Im sorry for being off topic. This thread needs to be in a distro thread even 
if it mentions GNUstep. Well I think it should be in a list about a distro that 
uses only GNUstep!

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