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Re: TeXview.app

From: Marciano Siniscalchi
Subject: Re: TeXview.app
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 17:45:27 -0600
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On Wednesday 31 March 2004 03:36 pm, Leigh Smith wrote:
> >> Question: has anybody ever attempted to port TeXview.app, the NeXT DVI
> >> previewer, to GNUstep? 
> By all means this seems a good project, but wouldn't an easier approach 
> be to use dvipdf and then simply view PDF files? I usually use make to
> run TeX and BibTeX, so it's not much work to tack dvipdf onto the end
> of the build process.

TeXview.app on NeXT could be used together with a program called Instant TeX, 
which gave you an "instant preview" of your LaTeX source. THat is: type LaTeX 
in one window, see your DVI output in real time in the TeXview.app.

There are other programs that attempt to do this: e.g. google Whizzytex, which 
uses a combination of Emacs and xdvi. But apparently (I never saw this 
myself, unfortunately) the InstantTeX-TeXview combination was particularly 
effective, mainly because TeXview had particularly clever (fast) tricks to 
redisplay the current page. But I don't know much more that this about it. If 
somebody with actual NeXT experience wants to fill in the details...

Maybe I'll give it a try as soon as I have some time...


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