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Re: Some questions regarding GNUstep (again)

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Some questions regarding GNUstep (again)
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:26:04 +0200
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Y. J. Chun wrote:

1. Is it possible to build a standalone executable that does not require
GNUstep installation? I want to deploy our product without any external
dependency. If I could just ship our product along with libgnustep-base.so.1, that is ok as our product already has internal libraries. But i see GNUstep installation has additional support files. Is there any way i can go without
those files but just a single gnustep library?

I dont have any experience with this, but would expect this to be possible for a pure base application which does not use DO.

2. In the assumtion 1 is possible, still libobjc has to be shipped along. I'm not sure about this yet. Is it ok to just bring libobjc.so or link statically?

Static linked libobjc are reported not to work on Windows. Never tried myself.

3. I've built a sample application and it prints some error log messages

2004-04-20 16:50:27.640 LogTest[28894] File NSData.m: 153. In
readContentsOfFile Open
(/home/monac/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries/Resources/gnustep-base/ NSTimeZone
s/zones/KST) attempt failed - No such file or directory
2004-04-20 16:50:27.640 LogTest[28894] Unable to obtain time zone  `KST'...
<NSException: 80d67f0> NAME:GSTimeZoneFileException REASON:File is too small 2004-04-20 16:50:27.641 LogTest[28894] Using time zone with absolute offset 0.
2004-04-20 16:50:27.635 LogTest[28894] Executing

Timezone things are ok. we can solve it progmatically. I just figured out most
Foundation classes print error messages to standard channel even if it  is
debug version. Can you suppress all the error messages or just be  notified
programatically instead of printing them?

On Unix systems NSLog is able to use syslog. You could extend the function _NSLog_standard_printf_handler to use a corresponding Win32 debug function (I cannot remember the name of it at the moment. Was it OutputDebugString ?).

4. GNUstep project page has been saying, for a long time, that windows support is not stable yet. I think we would use MinGW. Considering we are not using
any GUI applications, how stable is it? is there any reference project  out
there already using gnustep to port objective-c applications to windows? (open
source or not i dont care)

There aren't that many Windows applications in the moment. Only with some significant ones we would know if the code is stable or not. There surely are bits that are not fully working.

5. Is there performance issue on windows version of GNUstep?

Not that I know of.

6. Is there any issues regarding mixing Win32 APIs with GNUstep system?

No, this is what the GNUstep libraries do anyway.

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