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Re: Do the guile test scripts work correctly for anyone ?

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Do the guile test scripts work correctly for anyone ?
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 14:57:14 +0100

> The quick answer to the subject line is ... yes, they work on my apple  
> laptop (ppc, macosx) and my desktop machine (intel, debian).

Good, that is helpful to know.

> Of course, the most likely problem is that there is bug in the 64-bit  
> support in gstep-guile, gstep-base, or guile,

Ahhh... sorry, I didnt make this clear I guess. I am not
running on 64 bit - this is on bog standard 32 bit i386 Unix.
Which is where it should work fine. But if it works fine on
your machine then that indicates a problem with the FreeBSD
port of something or other I guess. Which helps a lot as it means
I am not trying to get something running which is simply broken.

> I'm afraid that, without gdb, you are pretty much reduced to adding  
> instructions to print stuff at various places

Debugging by friction :-) I might have a go at that later - am finding
this one of the few occasions where I am actually hindered by being
an electronic systems engineer rather than a computer scientist. tring
to teach myself the lambda calculus in half an hour is a lot harder than
I had imagined! Knowing this seems to be a pre-requisite to learning
Scheme, and that seems to be a pre-requisite to learning guile; which is
a pre-requisite to understanding the test framework. :-)


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