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Defaults for a minimal embedded GNUstep tool

From: Pablo Di Noto
Subject: Defaults for a minimal embedded GNUstep tool
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 12:39:18 -0300
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Hi all,

I wrote a small tool with GNUstep using only gnustep-{base|make}-1.9.2;
It runs inside a small embedded-type i386 machine, so it is being built with a toolchain based on uClibc.

Everything works, which shows how portable GNUstep is and how much you rock, guys. :)

Now since the tool is not running within a real GNUstep enviroment, I get some complains:

20:51:34.564 Tool[144] Unknown time zone name `ART'.
20:51:34.566 Tool[144] Using time zone with absolute offset 0.
20:51:34.561 Tool[144] No path specified for bundle
20:51:34.572 Tool[144] Improper installation: No language locale found

So the question is:

Can I set default values into the tool (using no external files) to avoid those messages? Where should I look for examples?

Thanks in advance!

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