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Re: Starting GNUstep (Debian)

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Re: Starting GNUstep (Debian)
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:35:16 -0400

Sorry for posting my previous message without the context. It was in reply mainly to the following, which I think also relates to the discussion about publicity:

On Sep 20, 2004, at 11:58 AM, Patrix wrote:

This is a good point and, imho, one of the reasons GNOME and KDE are
more widely used - I remember using KDE 0.0.2 or whatever early
version they had, and I could _use_ it. It had a window manager, a
panel and a file manager that crashed every time I dragged something
to the trash. But I could use it.

As for starting in GDM, there is no "GNUstep" environemtn in itself. I
have built myself a gnustep.desktop (I just copied and modified
kde.desktop) I put in the gdm Sessions/ directory along with my kde
and gnome sessions, and a gnustep-session script started by the Exec=
line in gnustep.desktop(kinda like gnome-session) that starts:

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