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Re: *Any* way to getting GNUstep on a G4 ???

From: M. Uli Kusterer
Subject: Re: *Any* way to getting GNUstep on a G4 ???
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 02:11:15 +0200
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In article <address@hidden>,
 Riccardo <address@hidden> wrote:

> NetBSD both 1.6.1 and 2.0 almost perfectly support GNUstep! 
> unfortunately in the last weeks gdnc broke so well, right now it is not 
> usable (it compiles...). They did work... and should work soon again
> And remember the daemon rules...

 Which daemon rules? Is this documented somewhere on gnustep.org, or is 
that something I should know about BSD?

> Alexander Malmberg made me comment out some lines in gdnc... and since 
> then it worked fine on NetBSD/68k 1.6.1 (about 3 weeks ago) 
> unfortunately I was too busy to do further research. I might have time 
> these days and maybe it is indeed a small thing... cross-checking the 
> change-log with the stuff I commented out I might restrict the area of 
> trouble.

 That'd be great. I don't really care whether it's on OSX, Darwin, 
Debian, BSD or Gerbils in a box, as long as it gets my G4 to run GNUstep 
and I'm not attacked by militant animal rights activists...

-- Uli

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