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Re: *Any* way to getting GNUstep on a G4 ???

From: Markus Hitter
Subject: Re: *Any* way to getting GNUstep on a G4 ???
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 20:51:42 +0200

Am 29.10.2004 um 18:51 schrieb Uli Kusterer:

echo 'export CC=<gcc install dir>/bin/gcc' >> ~/.profile

Such a line in .profile or any other shell init file is asking for trouble, IMHO.

This will change your default compiler for any shell until you remove this line again. Any other source package ported to OS X would expect the apple distributed compiler but actually use your "special" compiler. Even Xcode might break with such a line.

A much better idea would be to set the compiler for just this one shell you compile your GNUstep package(s) in:

        export CC=<gcc install dir>/bin/gcc
        ./configure ...

or to pass it just to configure:

        CC=<gcc install dir>/bin/gcc ./configure ...

If this works any different from your above solution, you've hit a bug in GNUstep-make. Unless I've missed the intention of GNUstep-make, of course.


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Dipl. Ing. Markus Hitter

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