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Re: Problems with fonts.

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Problems with fonts.
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 22:50:38 +0100
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Vaisburd, Haim wrote:
Hi everybody,

After a long break I'm trying to come back
to gnustep programming. Just compiled the latest
released version, none of the 2 unix backends works :-(

After the installation of ArtResourses-0.1.2 backart
does not show any fonts at all and reports no errors.
back-xlib tries ro run fontcache utility, reports that
it could not find any fonts, and then crashes.

What to look at, what do I miss?
The system is gentoo Linux with kernel 2.6.8,
freetype version is 2.1.5

This surely is too few information to tell, what may go wrong for you. Please check to configure output for the backend. For the xlib backend you could either switch to anti aliased fonts (which now should be the default) or restrict the font cacher to only use only certain font patterns (User default GSFontMask). Also what is xlsfonts reporting?


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