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Fwd: Call for contributors

From: NA
Subject: Fwd: Call for contributors
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 04:07:55 -0500

There is a new, award winning, open source, volume visualization project which is currently in version 1.5 on PowerPC.
This is currently a Macintosh only application.

OsiriX is gaining enormous support in the radiology and volume visualization communities throughout the globe. The initial development funding was via grant from the Swiss Government, to Dr. Antione Rossette. The development has been done primarily at UCLA, to date.

There is extreme interest in porting this application to Linux. There is no open source Windows or Linux application of any caliber, anywhere near OsiriX. The speed and excellence of the development owes to using the rapid application development tools that are at the core of both Mac OS X and GnuStep. We believe that the GnuStep community is well aware of this. We would like the rest of the world to know. Interested developers are presenting with notable credentials from institutions across the globe.

It quickly became apparent that GnuStep should allow a far simpler Mac2Linux port, than any other environment. Does that seem to be the concensus? We are interested in discovering any interest on the part of GnuStep users and developers in participating in this project.

In addition to contributors, we are seeking help with further refining the development path. Knowledgeable individuals with experience porting Mac applications to Linux are encouraged to participate.

It is currently anticipated that a Power5/PowerPC initial version will be the simplest to port, as most of the system calls to Altivec, of which there are many, should work transparently. Any insight here would be helpful.

Any information and assistance on any of these matters would be greatly appreciated. Suggestions to ease the porting, such as the applicability of Renaissance in this situation, would be of help. Any source of information that anyone can suggest that would serve as a road map in the process would be invaluable.

Any participation and assistance by non-PPC developers would be desirable, particularly in finding the appropriate non-Power based Linux corollaries to proprietary Aqua, Altivec, QuickTime and Quartz system calls. Additionally, as we progress to an x86 based version as opposed to a PPC version, information on differences in code requirements will be critical.

Having developers with access to non-Apple, non-PPC hardware to port this to, would also be of enormous benefit to our efforts; as the purpose is to make the application universally available.

The source code is available at the website as a .dmg, but can be provided in other versions. Please contact us if you are interested
Select downloads from the left hand menu and scroll to "Download the complete source code of OsiriX : Source Code Page"

OsiriX Architecture:
http://homepage.mac.com/rossetantoine/osirix/PICTS/ OsiriXArchitecture.gif I also have a list of the links for all of the open source components below, for those interested:
# VTK (Visualization Toolkit)
# ITK (Insight Toolkit)
# PixelMed (David Clunie)
# Papyrus 3.0 (Digital Imaging Unit)
# DICOM Offis
# OpenGL
# XML-Expat
# Jasper

This project is also listed on SourceForge at

The Wiki can be found at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Online_Osirix_Documentation
This is only a couple of weeks old, so please bear with us.

I have several questions to pose to this list, but I would like to be sure that this is the best forum to do so. Are there other message boards; which anyone feels are as, or more, appropriate?

Thank You for your time.

Bryan L. Kaufman MD, MS

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