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Re: Project Center inspiration sshots

From: Nicolas Roard
Subject: Re: Project Center inspiration sshots
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 05:26:32 +0000

Le 3 janv. 05, à 17:33, Adrian Robert a écrit :

On Jan 3, 2005, at 11:37 AM, Nicolas Roard wrote:
In my opinion, PC should stay as it is for the moment, but hopefully evolves with bundles; so for example you will add some bundles that will let you work on a higher-level (in the PC browser, not stop at the files, but allow browsing "high level structures",

Basically, I think instead of writing an IDE from scratch, it could be a good idea to modify PC and extend it.

I agree with the first but am wary when you say "modify" in the second. It is important to actively maintain encapsulation, and not, e.g., start making PC _depend on_ various advanced bundles -- with various levels of stability -- to start up or work in a reasonable way. It has taken PC a long time to get to its current usable-for-some state and it would be a shame to start losing this due to the desire of some to experiment and advance the technology -- worthy pursuit though this is.

of course... that's the whole point of using bundles. If PC evolves that way, a "default" PC would be just the same as today in fact (even if some parts move to bundles),
that shouldn't impact the stability. But it will be more extensible.

I repeat myself, but something that would be nice, is to have the ability to work on a more high-level than just files. Basically, what I'd like in a good IDE, is not just managing my files and my makefile (but of course, that's a prerequisite ;-) , but moreover to work directly on my objects, their relations, etc. That's something needed if you want more interesting features like refactoring for example.

Think also that, by having the possiblity of directly "playing" (messing ;-) with high-level structures like your project or your classes, you could easily plug Steptalk and have some powerful macros / scripts done, which would otherwise be very difficult to implement in a non-"high level aware" IDE ...
(we can imagine things like aspects, "syntact sugar" macros, whatever..)

Actually, DevelopmentKit provides already that, roughly. PC provides you a standard old-school IDE to manage your files and makefile. GORM let you do the UI in a simple way, as well as some basic object edition. It would make a lot of sense to try to make a synergy with all theses tools !

I can imagine ProjectCenter dealing with more "high-level" things, perhaps using DevelopmentKit, and having GORM or other tools (Steptalk scripts, UML editor, whatever...) communicating with PC to manipulate directly the classes, objects, etc.

Add on top of that some bundles in PC to have it render/navigate through theses "high-level" structures (basically, you'd end up with something similar to a smalltalk browser when you will browse your classes -- but that could be extended also to completely different things : imagine a "literate" version of your program (in the Literate Programing sense), etc.), and we'll have some seriously fantastic environment !

Just some random thoughts...

Nicolas Roard
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
 -Arthur C. Clarke

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