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Re: PING: gimplifier ICE fix

From: Daniel Berlin
Subject: Re: PING: gimplifier ICE fix
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 19:58:39 -0500 (EST)

You're not always being very constructive yourself, you know...

Anyway, here's something you could do.
- get preprocessed sources of a full gcc build tree.  You can do
  that by bootstrapping with -save-temps, and then collect all
  the .i and .ii files in one place.
- do "for $f in *.i; \
  do $build/gcc/cc1 -quiet -fdump-tree-optimized -O2 $f; \
  done".  Do the same for all .ii files.  Do this for a patched
  and an unpatched compiler, and compare all the .optimized files.
  If they are identical, you've taken the first hurdle.
- hack the test suite scripts to dump the .optimized tree dump in
  some directory (but *not* the $build/gcc/testsuite/ directory)
  Do this again for the patched and unpatched compilers, and again
  compare them.

Sounds like a plan, Steven!  Go to it.  I don't have the time.

See, that's what I mean.  I'm trying to help you somewhat, and all
I get is this kind of arrogant answer.  Go fuck yourself.

Wow, so much love!  I think I'll stop now and absorb it all and let
you guys sort out your gimplifier woes...

There are no gimplifier woes though. That's the point. It's only because objc is a bit "loose" with it's types, and then gets angry when other parts of the compiler rely on it, that we have this problem.


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