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Re: Look and Feel

From: M. Uli Kusterer
Subject: Re: Look and Feel
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 08:43:30 +0100

At 0:19 Uhr -0600 14.02.2005, Jesse Ross wrote:
Yeah -- I know about XEROX. I wasn't sure if they had a top menu or not, though, so I didn't want to make that statement.

I think they actually had a bottom-menu, but a lot of refinement went into the XEROX-inspired UI before Apple shipped it. See folklore.org for Andy Hertzfeld's take on it.

I don't disagree. I think the left scroll bar is more usable as well. I was simply stating that there are two conflicts: what users are accustomed to, and what is more usable. I also wanted to point out that there is no "best interface" or a certain interface to look to as the model of usability, because in many cases we don't know what the motivations for a certain interface decision was.

Well, there are ways to find out. Folklore.org contains the odd nugget of information, and then there are also other sources, and GUI designers. Maybe we can get a few of those on board and have them fight it out. Matthew Thomas (he's currently working for one of the Big Two desktops, don't remember which one) has some very good ideas, IMHO.
M. Uli Kusterer
       "The Witnesses of TeachText are everywhere..."

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