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Re: Building frameworks on GNUstep Windows

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: Building frameworks on GNUstep Windows
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 08:55:27 -0800
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Andreas Höschler wrote:
Hi Alex,

It works, but as I stated above, you have to have duplicates of all your data, since symbolic links aren't something you can be sure of the existance of under XP or 2K.

We could probably live with that.

I've worked up a GNUstep-make patch which makes all frameworks build as libraries under win32. It's not in CVS yet. If you are interested in this patch and in the further makefile magic/changes required to make it work, let me know.

Yes, I am interested. Thanks a lot for the offer. May be we could write a tool that automaticaly generates a resources bundle project for a given framework project. On windows and with your gnumake patch the framework would be built as a library. Only on windws one would additionally build the resources bundle. Some code would need to be added to load the bundle on windows. Does a loadable bundle work on windows or do we encounter the same problems there?

Heh, there are other (non-GNUstep-related) problems with loadable bundles ATM, but those are (hopefully) going to be fixed. The patches to enable weak symbol support in GCC4 and GNU binutils have been applied to both of those respective trees. mingw has a preliminary testing release of binutils which has the weak link support, but in order for binutils to take advantage of it, you need a compiled version of GCC4. I have been having extreme difficulties compiling GCC4 under mingw32, but am looking for help to fix this problem on the mingw mailing lists.

GCC4 isn't that far away. All this stuff is a massive PITA, and complex complex, but the puzzle pieces are finally starting to fit toghether, or at least look as if they will.

Thanks a lot!



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