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GWorkspace next release (Was: Re: GWorkspace's Tabbed Shelf)

From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: GWorkspace next release (Was: Re: GWorkspace's Tabbed Shelf)
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 19:30:54 +0200

On 2005-02-17 16:46:30 +0200 Georg Fleischmann <address@hidden> wrote:

Is somebody using the tabbed shelf?
If not I'm going to remove it because it duplicates
the features of the Fiend (the GW fiend, I mean) and,
moreover, it can't work well with Camaelon because
it uses some NSImages to draw the tabs.

It seems that 75% want to keep it. I'll find a solution to draw the tabs 
without images.

I'm now merging Inspector.app back into the main application; after this I want 
to make a new release; In this phase, I'd like if people using GWorkspace from 
CVS would report *any* problem they have, because many, many things had changed 
from 0.6.5.

A entirely new think that really needs some testing is the "Live Search 
Folders"; here this seems to work very well, but...

I posted this on gnustep-ui but I've had no response so I try here :-)

A "Live Search Folder" is a Finder search saved in a file and capable of 
autoupdate itself.

To create a LSF:
- open the Finder window and choose the directory(s) where you want to search 
and a set of search criteria.
- click the "Search" button and wait for the results.
- now drag the little document icon (the icon near the close button of the 
results window) to the place where you want the new LSF to be created (ex. on 
the desktop).
- a file named "LiveSearch.lsf" will appear.
- double-click it.
- the LSF window that will open has two buttons and a popup; the "Edit" button opens the 
folder editor where you can modify the search criteria used by the folder, the popup let you choose 
the autoupdate cycle time and the "Update now" button updates the results.

For the moment you will see a lot of log that I'm using for debugging. This 
will go away for the release.

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