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Re: Re: Look and Feel

From: Banlu Kemiyatorn
Subject: Re: Re: Look and Feel
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 17:17:14 +0700

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 03:26:41 -0500, Jason Clouse <address@hidden> wrote:
> Because it doesn't exist.  And because people are not directed to
> download Etoile.  They are directed to download -core.  Once Etoile is
> highly publicized and it is nearly impossible to simply download -core
> and install, this will be a good solution.  Perhaps we can stop
> putting GNUstep forward as a project and replace it in marketing
> literature with the desktop effort?

Yes, GNUstep is something like GTK+. We need something that is like
GNOME. I hope we can agree on a single desktop at this early point.
But in long term no, eg. I still want to do something very specific with my
garma de. I believe Etoile is the right direction now. Why don't we start
promoting it? Pointing it from the front page of GNUstep, introducing
it to osnews perhaps. For those who want NeXT clone, they can go to
backbone, front page of GNUstep also point to it. Remember there are
more than one desktop environments that use GTK+.

IMHO, We should stop discussing this endless thread and
start marketing Etoile seriously now. We are quite late already.

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