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Re: GNUstep - Windows GUI ? - Futher Explanation

From: Tom Koelman
Subject: Re: GNUstep - Windows GUI ? - Futher Explanation
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 09:58:41 +0100
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"Peter Fisla" <address@hidden> writes:

> 2) I then went on www.gnustep.org and I saw the following:
>     " Feb 23: GNUstep Windows installer now includes complete core packages 
> (GUI)! "
>     So what excactly does this "GUI" thing means in the sentence above ?

It is the abbreviation we commonly use to mean the gui libraries,
which until now were not included in the windows development

> 3) I thought that by downloading the Windows installer I would be
> able to install GNUstep base as well graphics interface (desktop)
> and basically simulater running some services of NeXTSTEP including
> graphics interface.

I see where your confusion comes from. The installer really only
contains the source to the GNUstep libraries and some services. I'll
ask the webmaster to try to make this less confusing.


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