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Re: GNUstep appearance and help porting Cocoa

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: GNUstep appearance and help porting Cocoa
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 00:33:42 +0100
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Anurodh Pokharel wrote:
And one other thing, is there any quick way of porting from Cocoa to
Gnustep. I have looked at the GnuStep page, but other than mentioning
tools, it is light on details.  I have an NNTP newsreader i've written called
OSXnews  (http://osxnews.sf.net) that I'd like to port over. If anyone
has ported stuff a few pointers would be helpful. Is there a howto

Porting from to Cocoa to GNUstep has different aspects.
First there is the compatibility of the basic Foundation Kit and Application Kit We support a lot of classes, but not all of them and the same is true for specific methods, Specifically newly introduced classes and methods may still be missing as GNUstep started out aiming at OpenStep compatability. Second you have all the additional frameworks and libraries programmers on MacOSX take for granted, for some of them free replacements exisits, for most they are still missing. For the porting itself you need to write a new GNUstep make file for the project (very easy, still there is currently no automatic way to do so) and you need to convert the NIB files to GNUstep format. At some point in time GORM will be able to read NIB files, but currently you need to use the gmodel intermediate format for this and for this the above mentioned tools are used.

What else do you expect from a porting howto? It is as easy as this: Don't use anything we do not provide, write a makefile, convert your NIB files to gmodel. Ah yes, I did forget about the Info.plist. You will need to provide this file as well.


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