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From: Riccardo
Subject: ANN: PRICE 0.5
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 10:39:33 +0100

PRICE 0.5 was released a few days ago

notable changes:

- the project was upgraded to project center 0.4 series. this has some implications: files were shuffled around, new directories are needed... I am not very fond of some choices of Serg. I dislike the idea that README and CHANGELOG need to be in the Documentation directory. I hope he can make the placement of some files more flexible. For this reaosn price 0.5 and latest changes are NOT YET committed to CVS ! But at least it proofs that aside some shortcomings and bugs, ProjectCenter has all features needed to build PRICE. Keep up the good work, Serg.

- Features:
Scale and Crop are added

- several user panels are redesigned, by grouping and rearraging items in a more ordered matter. Also most panesl got rid of the "Ok" button which IMHO is a stupid Windows/Gnome/KDEism or wherever this custom gets from. I changed it to "Filter" or "Adjust" or similar terminologies to make clearer what happens

- some bugs were squished, notably some undo update problems.

have fun,

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