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ANNOUNCE: GWorkspace 0.7.0

From: enrico
Subject: ANNOUNCE: GWorkspace 0.7.0
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 19:49:11 +0200

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This is for me a very important release because GWorkspace has turned five 
years old!

Here are the most important changes, besides a general rewrite of many parts; 
the file viewers, for example, are 100% new code.

- Inspector, Desktop and Finder that were separate applications in 0.6.5, are 
now parts of the main application. (Operation.app remains separate because I 
want to use it from GWNet too).

- The file viewer works also in "spatial" mode.

- List view.

- The size of the icons and the size and position of the file name fields are 
settable. ("View->Icon Size", "View->Label Size", "View->Icon Position").

- The browser and the icon view can show more info than the file name; choosing 
kind, size, modification date or owner from the "View->Show" menu, a second 
text field will be added under the main one.
Besides these standard info it is possible to show also other things using 
specific bundles; there is an example of this feature in 
FSNode/ExtendedInfo/Role; this is a bundle that shows the NSRole of an 

- File Annotations, accessible from the new File Annotations Inspector.

- Live Search Folders. A "Live Search Folder" is a Finder search saved in a 
file and capable of autoupdate itself at a scheduled time.

- The desktop window can be "omnipresent" (Info->Preferences->Desktop).
If you use WindowMaker >= 0.91.0 nothing else is needed; if you use an older 
WindowMaker version, you must install the bundles in 

I'll make a 0.7.1 release immediately after the Camaelon release; at the moment 
there are some problems because both GWorkspace and Camaelon use some hardcoded 

A note about the resized icons:
It seems that the method I use to resize the icons works well only with the art 
backend; so, I've added a default that can be set if the icons don't look as 
expected: "defaults write GWorkspace old_resize YES".

And two words about the GWorkspace frameworks:
Putting back Inspector in the main application, I've made it a framework. The 
idea is that many parts of GWorkspace as the tabbed shelf, the fiend, the dock, 
the finder, the live search folder system, etc., could be frameworks and could 
be used by other desktop projects. At the moment there are some dependencies 
between these parts and a general dependence upon the FSNode framework. It is 
my intention, for the future, to remove or limit these dependencies.

GWorkspace is at <www://www.gnustep.it/enrico/gworkspace>.

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