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Known MacOS programmer about WO/EOF

From: Pablo Di Noto
Subject: Known MacOS programmer about WO/EOF
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 03:00:25 -0300
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Hi all,

Slashdot published today an link to an interview to Jonathan 'The Wolf'
Rentzsch, a well-know MacOS programmer in a MacOS weblog:

Beware, it _is_ long. It addresses subjects like WebObjects, how it is
still superior to new technologies, its move from Objective-C to Java,
and EOF.

A little bit of it:

When I picked up WO in 2000, I told pretty much anyone who listened that while WebObjects is the most advanced application server out there, that open source would catch up with it inside five years.

Yet here we are in 2005, and there's still nothing close. Believe me,
I've been looking. Read the WebObjects developer mailing list for a recap of the treatment WebObjects developers got at WWDC 2004.

I would love to get off WebObjects and replace it with something open
 source. It would make web application development pitches easier if
I never have to mention the dreaded "A" word. I have clients who will
 simply shut the door if I mention Apple's name, even today.

I would love to hear your opinion on this. It hurts me the fact that
GNUstep. GSweb or GDL2 are not mentioned at all, even when complaining for the lack of open source filling the void.

Do you think we have no place on that discussion, or we are just still
completely unknown to the MacOS world?


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