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About ViewPDF, PDFKit and Curries

From: Stefan Kleine Stegemann
Subject: About ViewPDF, PDFKit and Curries
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 23:47:19 +0200


sorry for beeing quiet so long. I've been quite busy with real-life and was not very motivated during the last months to work on ViewPDF/ PDFKit. However, after thinking about dropping the project I finally convinced myself to keep going. I'd like to give you a short overview about what's going on. Sorry for crossposting but I think it may be interesting for all GNUsteppers.

1.) PDFKit
I added some more stuff to PDFKit. The main feature is asynchroneous rendering which makes it possible to render a PDF page in the background thread and get notified when rendering is completed. This feature was crucial for the new multipage view (see below). Furthermore, I spend some time on reworking the API, adding caching and some other things. Although not much has changed in the interface, it's likely that future versions of PDFKit will be incompatible with the current version (@Enrico: i try to submit a patch for GWorkspace before I check in the changes).

PDFKit now runs also on OSX. I think I will provide a binary distribution at some point because compiling it is a little bit tricky since it requires freetype and the xpdf part to be compiled in "by hand".

2.) ViewPDF
ViewPDF has gone! I finally ended up rewriting it from scratch, avoiding all those mistakes I made in ViewPDF (perhaps adding new ones :-)). The main problem with ViewPDF was/is that it's not easy to integrate the new multipage view and that it has some serious design flaws. I decided that it might be a good idea to give the beast a new, fancy name. I ended up with "Vindaloo", named after one of my favourite curries. So from now on, the PDF reader is named Vindaloo (hopefully, it will end up beeing as spicy as it's eatable pendant :-)). Another goal for Vindaloo is that it must be running on OSX (since I don't like Apples Preview that much for reading PDFs). Vindaloo will have some new, cool features like a multipage view and a fullscreen view, a reworked search, maybe a multi-document search, ...

3.) Status
I haven't checked in anything into the gsimageapps cvs by now. I currently working quite hard to get something usable running. Here are two "teasers", giving a pretty good impression of the application's current state:
As soon as Vindaloo has reached a usable state (which does not mean that it is fully functional), I will try to release snapshots frequently. As I'm working on OSX at home and using Linux/GNUstep at work only, I would appreciate if some "pre-alpha testers" could grab the snapshots and test them on their systems. It would be great if these people are not afraid of making small changes to the code.

I can't promise any dates here, but I will really try to release a first snapshot within the next 4 weeks.

Thanks very much for reading this quite comprehensive mail, comments are appreciated.


Stefan Kleine Stegemann
Mail: stefankst at stud-lg.fhnon.de
Home: http://rzserv2.fhnon.de/~lg017420
PGP: http://rzserv2.fhnon.de/~lg017420/stefankst-pgp-key.asc

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