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GSWeb and resources in app bundle

From: Johannes Fortmann
Subject: GSWeb and resources in app bundle
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 21:40:41 +0200

First off, sorry if this is the wrong list; I couldn't find a gsweb-specific list.

I'm trying to build a little demo app with gsweb. I'm working on OS X 10.3, and so far everything has been working quite nicely, except for one big thing: I can't access any resources of my app. Specifically, my app resides at /Library/WebServer/Documents/WebObjects/Test.woa. I'm trying to access a file named enigma.png residing at Test.woa/Contents/Resources/enigma.png.

Now, as far as I understood, there are two different possibilities for sending the resource: 1. binding to the data property, then implementing a method that returns the image data. This works.
2. binding to the filename property, and returning a file name.

Now, if I bind to the filename, the resulting webpage references my image as /WebObjects/Test.woa/Contents/Resources/enigma.png . Accessing this file gives me a blank page, even though the file should be there (my document root is /Library/WebServer/Documents/).

Do I have to set specific permissions, or anything? Am I doing anything totally stupid? Please note: I may be blissfully ignorant of anything... this is the first time I did any web programming.

Johannes Fortmann

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