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ANNOUNCE: Gorm-0.9.10

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Gorm-0.9.10
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 21:39:28 -0700 (PDT)


This is version 0.9.10 of Gorm.

What is Gorm?

   Gorm is an acronym for Graphic Object Relationship modeler (or
perhaps GNUstep Object Relationship Modeler).

   Gorm is a clone of the NeXTstep `Interface Builder' application for

Noteworthy changes in version `0.9.10'

   * Gorm now has a full implementation of canSubstituteForClass: which
     is used to determine if a class can be substituted in the custom
     class inspector.  This allows classes added in palettes to say
     whether or not they can be used as a subsitute for a kit class.

   * Better separation of Gorm into libraries.  As well as the ability
     to compile on windows with a simple: "make install"

   * Implementation of IBResourceManager class.  This class is used by
     palettes to register drag types to be considered by the top level
     editors in the document window: object, sound, image, class.

   * Gorm now is able to switch views in the document window when you
     drag a file into it.  If it's an image it will switch to the image
     view, if it's a sound, the sound view, an object the object view
     etc or if it's a class (a .h file) it will switch to the classes

   * Drag and drop parsing of header files (if you hadn't gathered from
     the previous item).

   * Better support for standalone views.  while the user cannot
     instantiate from the classes view (there were too many problems
     with this approach).  They can now drag any view from the palette
     into the objects view and have it work.

   * A myriad of bug fixes.

How can I get support for this software?

   You may wish to use the GNUstep discussion mailing list for general
questions and discussion.  Look at the GNUstep Web Pages for more
information regarding GNUstep resources <http://www.gnustep.org/>

Where can you get it?  How can you compile it?

   You can download sources and rpms (for some machines) from

Where do I send bug reports?

   Bug reports can be sent to <address@hidden>.

Obtaining GNU Software

   Check out the GNUstep web site. (<http://www.gnustep.org/>), and the
GNU web site. (<http://www.gnu.org/>)

Gregory John Casamento 
-- CEO/President Open Logic Corp. (A MD Corp.)
## Maintainer of Gorm (IB Equiv.) for GNUstep.

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