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ANN: Vindaloo 0.1 and PopplerKit

From: Stefan Kleine Stegemann
Subject: ANN: Vindaloo 0.1 and PopplerKit
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 08:52:45 +0200


I'm done with the first Iteration of the Vindaloo PDF Reader, the
successor of ViewPDF. You can download the snapshot from the ImageApps
download section:

The first Iteration of Vindaloo includes:
- a basic single page view
- basic navigation and zooming
- keyboard-based scrolling/navigation

Installation Notes:
Vindaloo requiers PopplerKit to be installed. You can download a
recent snapshot from here:

What is PopplerKit?
PopplerKit is the successor of PDFKit. It is based on the poppler
library (http://poppler.freedesktop.org/) that is an approach to
create a library from the xpdf sources. PopplerKit is basically a
rewritten PDFKit with an improved design and with the xpdf sources
removed. The name PDFKit was changed because Apple has now it's own
PDFKit which may cause naming conflicts on OSX systems.
Please notet hat you need to have poppler-0.3.2 installed (latest
released version)

Here is an important note about installing the poppler library (from
I had a pkg-config problem when installing the poppler library. When
the library installs it also installs the files for pkg-config
(poppler.pc, poppler-splash.pc, ...) to /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig (or
/usr/lib/pkgconfig). However, poppler-splash.pc has a dependency to
poppler-0.3.2.pc which does not exist. Thus, you may get an error when
compiling PopplerKit stating that poppler-splash is not installed. To
solve this, I had to manually create a link "poppler-0.3.2.pc" to
"poppler.pc" in /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig (or /usr/lib/pkgconfig).
I already filed a bug report to the poppler folks about this.

There is a precompiled Version of Vindaloo-0.1 for OSX available at:
The Application contains the PopplerKit framework so you don't need to
install it seperatly.

For OSX-developers who want to use PopplerKit, there is also a
precompiled version:
Building from source on OSX is very complicated at the moment because you first
have to build static versions of all required libraries. I'm working
on a build-script to
simplify this process.

Comments, suggestions and patches are always welcome.


Stefan Kleine Stegemann
Mail: stefankst at gmail.com
Home: http://rzserv2.fhnon.de/~lg017420

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