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Re: customize GNUstep

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: customize GNUstep
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 05:37:48 +0100

On 2005-06-22 23:28:05 +0100 Nicolas Roard <address@hidden> wrote:

> Le 22 juin 05 à 22:56, Quentin Mathé a écrit :
>> Theoretically controlBackgroundColor would the right choice because 
>> NSToolbar isn't a precisely bounded clickable area like a button,  but a 
>> clickable area which varies with displayed content like a  table view or a 
>> browser column. However controlBackgroundColor is  currently white in 
>> GNUstep and that's the problem because a  completely white toolbar would be 
>> ugly.
> Actually, controlBackgroundColor is set to NSLightGray by default  (0.667), 
> which is the same value
> as for example, windowBackgroundColor ... and personally I think  
> controlBackgroundColor would be fine for the
> toolbar. Although we can have (as of now) a different colorname if  you 
> really want to have a different color.. :-)

Well, some confusion here ... perhaps Quentin tried using 
controlBackgroundColor and it looked ugly ... might be worth trying again in 
case the problem was actually some bug at the time and it wouold now work with 
My feeling is that, if the standard colors are enough, use them.

> Personally I would tend to prefer putting the additional system  colors in 
> the default system color list, that would be
> simpler. Sure, thoses colors aren't in OpenStep, but that's not a  problem -- 
> the default system color list is on the
> implementation side... so as long as we mark possible new accessors  methods 
> for theses additional colors as
> specifically "gnustep only" then, I don't see a problem by putting  all the 
> colors used by gnustep in the system color
> list. But well, that's a matter of taste.

Yes ... I agree that keeping a single color list is by far the simplest 
(maintainable, easy to use etc) option.

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