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Re: GNUstep Base 1.11.0

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: GNUstep Base 1.11.0
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 14:09:09 +0100

On 2005-07-23 13:50:37 +0100 Benoit Astruc <address@hidden> wrote:

You are right ... it's an error (I fixed it in CVS) ... but how did you manage to encounter it?

It's in code which should only be compiled when the additions part of the base library is built standalone on MacOS-X. Is that what you are trying to do, or has something gone wrong with configuration?

That's exactly what I am trying to do, but it's quite hard. I am working on the third compil error I encounter.

Thanks for persisting ... there are very few people using that setup, so I generally just apply any fixes they provide, just checking that they don't break anything for themore conventional users.

What weere the other two comple errors? Perhaps I can put fixes for them into CVS?

I want to be able to use SQLClient in one of my app on Mac OS X, but it uses GSLock so I have to install gnustep additions.

If it helps ... the use of GSLock is for better performance in single threaded applications. Since the Apple frameworks make it almost impossible to write single threaded apps, it's probably not worth using GSLock in apple, and you could just do '#define GSLock NSLock'

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