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Re: Debugging hints

From: Andrew Ruder
Subject: Re: Debugging hints
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 10:17:19 -0400
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Christopher Armstrong wrote:
Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can locate this object, or get
some idea of what it was? Perhaps I should start by breakpointing at the
method that handles changing the Preferences panel?

You can also try setting NSZombieEnabled environment variable to "YES". This will cause any deallocated object to spam to the console when it has been deallocated and gets sent a message. Once you figure out what the object is, you are in good shape to track it down if you are familiar with the source.

- Andy

Andrew Ruder <address@hidden>

P.S. If you try Richard's solution, don't forget to, at some point, -remove- the double release check from your code. I had that enabled on accident in TalkSoup for several releases and forgot about it. I spent several hours tracking down why it was so incredibly slow ;)

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